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Unless you agree to the above stated facts, you are not allowed to use our website. If you are found to be doing any of this, we may suspend your account without any prior notice.

General Terms:

You should agree that whatever services we provide are top notch and we do not make any mistake. If you request for some maintenance services like plumbing or repairing your AC, and then you do not want that particular technician to repair, then you are liable to pay his visiting charges.

Also, when you order some groceries from our website, we buy in a wholesale rate from the company (the manufacturer) and then sell it you for a good price. We certainly offer many special offers for you. So, if your order has a minimum of 500 INR, only then your order would be deemed applicable for door delivery. Also, doo delivery only applies to people living within a certain radius of place.

Disclaimer: We do not take any kind of responsibility if the items delivered to you do not work after we deliver. We deliver the best quality of goods. Please note there is no kind of return policy. We are not liable to any kind of damage occurred in the goods you ordered.

Website Features:

There are some places in the website where we allow you to post some opinions and give information. So, we do not edit or review the comments after posting them. Your comments or opinions do not reflect any views and opinions of our company. We are not responsible for any damage or expenses occurred due to some opinions or posting of comments on the website.

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• You have all the necessary legal licenses and consents to post the comments or opinions on our website.
• These comments do not flout the intellectual property right rules.
• The opinions expressed or comments are not inappropriate or defamatory. They should not contain any violent propaganda and any blow to the privacy of the users.
• Should not promote any kind of unlawful or illegal activity.

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We also have link requests to various types of organizations like dot.com community websites, internet portals etc.

We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions as per our updating of rules.

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